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End anti-choice sidewalk bullying and harassment.

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Almost everyone experiences some level of bullying in their past. I ask you to remember back to a time that someone was critical and abusive towards you. Really think about how it made you feel and allow those emotions to absorb. Now, imagine you are facing and incredibly private medical decision and a group of people wait for you outside of your medical office to bully and harass you about that decision.

When one out of every three women will choose abortion in her lifetime, this is a reality too many of us will face.

Male or female, odds are anti-choice sidewalks bullies will impact and possibly hurt someone you love and care about. (Some day that person may even be you!) They attack the women they suspect are seeking abortion, the women's assumed partner, her friends, her parents, her entire support system is subject to their verbal assaults.

This issue affects us all, and we must show our unity against sidewalk bullying. Sign this petition to show your support for women choosing abortion and leave a comment to share your own thoughts about what the anti-choice sidewalk bullies are up to.

If you would like to take further action call your local planned parenthood or abortion care facility and see if they need volunteers! At the very least, drop by your local group of anti-choice bullies and politely let them know that you support a woman's right to choose.

Are you a clinic facing anti-choice harassment? This petition is for you! Share it with your bullies, update them on milestones met, signature reply's that move you. Give this petition link to patients who have been affected by bullies. Empower them to fight back against the unjust harassment they faced. 

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