Supporting Mental Health for Youth in Lane Cove

Supporting Mental Health for Youth in Lane Cove

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Miranda Stewart started this petition to Anthony Roberts MP and

The Mental Health of Youth in Lane Cove

Does your child have the proper access to programmes for mental health awareness and mental illness prevention in Lane Cove?

Children are the future of the world, and the future of Lane Cove, but do they have the right support? As a child in this electorate, I can tell you, we don’t. Although becoming more prominent, mental health issues are still not addressed as much as they should and could be.

There are currently no council-provided programs for support, that actually cover the important bases: mental health awareness, wellbeing activities, mental illness prevention, and coping mechanisms.

The aim of this petition is to:

1. Create a council run program for the young people of Lane Cove to access that addresses mental health and mental illness in a creative way.

2. Support, fund, create awareness and extend programmes already existing to educate young people about mental health and mental illnesses.

3. Request the state member for Lane Cove, Anthony Roberts, to help and support strategies and programmes for young people in regard to mental health.

4. Use this as an example for campaigning in other electorates in the future – as proof that mental health programmes for young people are needed.

Currently, in the state electorate of Lane Cove, there is little to no government programs to help support young people’s mental health. If you were to Google “Lane Cove Mental Health” the only results to come up are private psychology practises or other miscellaneous items. But for some young people, seeing psychologists are not always the most effective way of creating a lasting, positive and good mental health status, and it is not the way to address prevention and awareness within the community.

Fun activities and programmes are proven in studies from Youth Affairs Victoria to be engaging and excellent ways of people aged 16-24 to connect and participate in and with issues that are incredibly important, such as the topic of mental health. Also, it would be a great opportunity to form relationships with people of the same age who are experiencing the same issues in terms of mental health but also in terms of school and life changes. Especially during the later time of high school student’s years, stress becomes a huge factor as children work towards important things like the HSC, Uni etc.

The program would include the following aspects:

- Be relevant and relatable

- Provide the ability to address personal issues

- Provide the opportunity to participate in a safe environment where they can talk about issues that are confronting or challenging

- Provide chances for young people to express themselves and be creative

- Flexibility for activities, schedules etc.

- Chances to socialise and have fun, whilst engaging and learning

According to the Young Australian’s Their Health and Wellbeing Report, conducted by the Australian Government’s Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, “Mental health problems and disorders accounted for the highest burden of disease among young people, accounting for almost 50% of the burden of disease in this age group.” It also stated that, “Mental health problems and illnesses affect the perceptions, emotions, behaviour and resulting social wellbeing of individuals…Young people with mental disorders may also experience stigma, which often leads to isolation and discrimination. Poor mental health among young people can be a precursor to self-harm, thoughts about suicide, and suicide. It can also have a strong influence on mental disorders later in life.”

Of course, this is not what anyone wants for the youth of Australia. But these are current statistics.

As you can see, change needs to happen. Why not start within our community of Lane Cove?

Please support this petition to challenge the lack of mental health education and to help create awareness for mental health for the youth of Lane Cove.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!