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Hold Local Councils and Builders to correct non-compliant building material and cladding

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The world watched in horror as the London fire took hold of a building tower that housed over 100s of people.  It was a grim reminder of the Melbourne fire of a building block that took place in 2014.  Both these fires escalated due to non compliant building materials and in particular the cladding.

It was reported in todays Sydney papers that an investigation will take place to identify buildings in NSW that are at risk of the same thing happening.  However, it was know in 2015 that up to 2500 buildings were identified by government as using  non-compliant material, commonly known as Alucobest.

The NSW government says it began investigating the issue following the Lacrosse building fire in Melbourne's Docklands in 2014.  However, it still has no idea how many buildings are at risk.

Councils were warned of the dangers of non-compliant cladding on high-rise buildings in August 2015, Housing Minister Anthony Roberts said recently.

The department also held seminars in October 2016, along with Fire and Rescue NSW, explaining the requirements of the National Construction Code and the enforcement powers available to them.

Today's newspapers say that the owners of units that are identified as having non compliant material such as cladding will be held responsible to have this fixed.  

As you are aware local councils at one time had the responsibility of inspecting and giving inspection report clearances to builders.  Local Councils passed this responsibility on to the building industry.  It has long been complained that an industry should not be regulating itself and that the result of such an action would end up as we are seeing now. 

It should not be the owners responsibility and cost to have rectifications done to buildings where the builder has been at fault by using non compliant materials.  The Local Councils should be sharing the responsibility because it was their action of passing the buck to the building industry to regulate itself.  Owners should not have to pay for this.  Owners are one of the many victims in this scenario.  

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