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Petitioning Anthony Monaco

Make April 26th TUDS Appreciation Day

This year the employees of Tufts Dining Services have gone far beyond the call of duty to ensure that the student body would be fed. They have been forced to sleep over on cots through a blizzard, and then get up and work the next day. They came into work and stayed late when the city was on lockdown, leaving their families to take care of us. They have made immense sacrifices for the student body this semester, so the least we can do is make the small sacrifice of not having dining halls for a day. Let's honor our Dining Services employees with a day of appreciation by giving them all a paid day off of work on Friday, April 26th.

Letter to
Anthony Monaco
I would like to ask that April 26th, 2013 be made Tufts Dining Services Appreciation Day, and all dining options be closed with every employee receiving a day of paid leave.