OIL TRAINS - Don't Blow Up Our Cities and Towns.

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We must create laws requiring substantial rail shipments of oil and other dangerous substances to be routed well away from densely populated or environmentally sensitive areas. We must demand the industry build new rail lines and/or refineries as necessary to do this.

Despite claims of "safety regulations" and updated equipment there is no assured way to prevent serious accidents and explosions with these volatile cargos. The recent explosion in W. Va. was ample proof that such claims cannot be backed by any guarantee of real safety. But there is one 100% certain way to insure such accidents do not turn into major catastrophes with substantial loss of life and property. Insist they be routed well away from any densely populated or environmentally sensitive areas.

The industry would like you to believe they can make these trains "safe." But they can't. What they can do is trade the safety of you, your children and your communities for increasing their profit margins. And that is what they are attempting to do, with the cooperation of government and lobbied politicians.  Don't let them get away with putting market-values over real-values.

If the industry can spend 8 billion dollars on a pipeline across Alaska, or contemplate spending 16 billion dollars on a pipeline from the Canadian border to the Gulf, they can certainly spend the few hundreds of millions to a few billion to build rail lines and refineries (if necessary) that don't go anywhere near our cities and towns.  Shipments of Bakken crude, the most dangerous form of oil there is, are already being transported through cities like Sacramento, Benicia and other towns across America.  We must stop them from putting us all at risk.  Sign and share this petition as widely as possible.  The next explosion next to a school yard or in the middle of your downtown doesn't have to happen. 

Stopping these trains and our fossil fuel dependency altogether is, of course, the best solution. But we all know that is not going to happen for a long time. The danger of catastrophic explosions, however, is a real and immediate danger, and that can be stopped. Sign & Share. Sign & Share

For more information, you are invited to read our articles in The Sacramento Z Newspaper -- http://saczee.com#WVOIL .

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