Resignation of Anthony D'Esposito, Town of Hempstead Council Member

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We the people of Town of Hempstead are asking for Council Member Anthony D'Esposito to resign immediately.

Mr. D'Esposito has accepted a 6-figure patronage job with the Board of Elections from his buddy, former TOH Supervisor Anthony Santino.

While town council members often have outside jobs, this one is unacceptable. Elected officials should never be charged with directly overseeing election integrity. It is a clear conflict of interest that will undoubtedly lead to voter suppression or worse. It may be legal but it sure isn't ethical. When it comes to the integrity of the vote, even the appearance of impropriety is unacceptable. Enough already.

Furthermore, Mr. D'Esposito is in no way qualified for this position. His work as an NYPD detective did not train him to maintain voting integrity and did not train him in cyber-security.

Mr. D'Esposito regularly ignores constituent concerns in favor of cronyism. He is not representing his constituency. The people of the Town of Hempstead deserve a council member that will listen to the public and act morally.

Please sign our petition and help us get corruption out of Town of Hempstead. Our hard-earned money should go to supporting our towns, not patronage jobs. Our town council should serve the constituency, not corruption. Enough is enough.

-Indivisible of RVC  

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