Funding for Macleod P-12 College

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Macleod P-12 is a warm and inviting Prep to Year 12 co-educational government school that caters exceptionally well for the needs of its diverse community. The school was opened in 1954, with a government commitment to replace its buildings in 25 years. Sadly, this has not happened and many of the buildings are dilapidated and some beyond repair.

School staff and parents have worked tirelessly for years to help maintain its physical facilities and provide a progressive and dynamic curriculum. Many staff have painted their own classrooms and offices and sacrificed personal finances to purchase much needed resources for their students. They have also worked to rebuild Macleod’s reputation as a quality education provider for local communities following the threat of closure by the Labor Government of the day in 2009.  

Despite growth in demand for school places and repeated requests for government funding, Macleod has continued to miss out and have its much-needed works overlooked, whilst neighbouring schools receive millions. This lack of funding has also lead to pressure on core positions of responsibility and a general deterioration of working conditions.  

There is a feeling in the community that Macleod may have received less funding because of its location in a safer part of the Labor electorate compared to nearby schools that are more politically vulnerable. How can Victoria be "The Education State" when money for education is being bandied about for political gain rather than allocated based on the individual needs of each school?

We are calling on the Andrews Labor Government to step up and do the right thing. Please fund Macleod College. 

We specifically need:

- $200,000 to undertake a full master plan so we can be the best school for our students

- A commitment that our plan will be funded in the 2019-2020 State Budget with works to commence in 2020 

- A review of our current School Resource Package funding