Demand Answers for Christian Muse

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On July 15th 2012 19 year old Christian Muse went missing after speaking with his father Michael Muse at his home in the 6200 block of Dimril Court Fort Washington Maryland.. Christian’s Case is still #unresolved.. There is evidence that Christian May have met foul play.. It is also out of character for Christian to not communicate with his family for this long.. His father Michael Muse and many others in Prince George’s County Maryland have received substandard service from The PGPD Missing Persons Unit for example: No updates, Unanswered emails or basic questions from families inquiries not being answered in a timely manner from detectives working their case, lack of consistent main stream media coverage, very little or no info on where to find updates on all missing persons in PG County, This Problem has not only impacted Christian Muse’s Family.. Eddie Goodman and Matthew Mcdermon ‘s Family have experienced the same sub standard level of service.. Signing this petition will jumpstart conversations to help find Christian Muse and improve the quality of service to all PG County residents with missing persons by addressing the listed complaints. It will also stimulate conversations to increase #community #partnerships with the PGPD Missing Persons Unit...Join us sign the petition you ARE NOT REQUIRED to be a PG County resident!