Vote of no confidence in PM Scott Morrison

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Dear Hon. Leader of the Opposition, I present this petition on behalf of the undersigned asking you to consider, as the first item of business when Parliament resumes, tabling a motion to pass a vote of no confidence in PM Scott Morrison for dereliction of duty through out what we regard as the worst catastrophe Australia has ever faced.

We have been appalled at the lack of presence from our PM through this whole debacle so far, it is far from over. 

Not only has our PM brushed aside this catastrophe but he tried to sneak off overseas on holiday when the country needed him most, only returning when he was found out.

Even when public pressure forced him to compensate the heroic volunteers with 'wages' to give them relief from lost income, Scott Morrison did it in the most mean hearted way, this is not true leadership.

I watch and read the daily news about the unfolding tragedy, I have barely seen our PM in the front line offering comfort and support, he was hosting a party for cricketers at Kirribilli House as  much of the Sth East Coast burned and 7 people died.

We truly believe that Scott Morrison is not fit to lead this country, we implore you to discuss our proposal with your party. sincerely yours. Tony Hunter on behalf of the undersigned.