Financial Support for International Students in Australia facing hardships due to Covid-19

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Australian International Students contribute almost 40 Billion Dollars to the economy. They are also responsible for creation of almost 250,000+ jobs as a result of them choosing to study here. They pay tax and are NEVER a burden to our society.

The Government in fact is now ASKING FOR THESE STUDENT'S  HELP & subsequently loosening the legislation (nurses, shop front workers) to allow them to work longer than their allotted 20 hours (if these students wish).

So, it seems ok to ask these students to put them selves in harm's way to help Australians and get paid but NOT be looked after if they need help of any kind. THAT IS NOT AUSTRALIAN WAY OF LIFE! We will not abandon these hardworking International Students. They will one day become Australian Citizens like many have done before them. 

We ask the opposition party to take a stand for these individuals who contribute non-stop to our economy not only in monetary terms, but with their blood, sweat & now fearlessness service at frontline.