Youth Demand Seats at Climate Negotiations

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The UN Climate Conferences (COPs) have been going on for 24 years now, yet still, global emissions have not decreased. Over and over again, our political leaders profess the need for increased ambition, while neglecting to take the action they call for, and that they promised under the Paris Agreement. At the same time, young people - whose future is being determined by the outcomes of these conferences - are almost entirely excluded from the most crucial decision-making processes.

Clearly, it’s time for some new voices around the negotiation table. As uttered by a delegate from South Korea, “We cannot deliver the same responses, and expect different results”. Let this be the last COP driven by leaders who are disregarding scientific warning bells, and knowingly propelling us towards global catastrophe. Without economic or political incentives holding us back, young people do not just call for increased action, we do it.

This is why I am launching an international petition to demand that each country includes at least 2 young people (age 16-25) on their negotiating delegations, starting at the next UN Climate Conference (COP25), and all other future climate conferences.

Personal story
My name is Joelle Moses, and I am a Canadian university student, working as a 'Youth Engagement Specialist' for an environmental NGO called 'Saving Our Planet.' I'm launching this petition because I wholeheartedly believe that members of my generation have both the capacity and the motivation to make the change that our current leaders are obstructing, but that our world desperately needs. Countless times, I've heard that “Young people are 25% of the population, and 100% of the future”. It's time for this sentiment to be translated into action. Mandating two young people per country on each negotiating delegation will bring 386 new voices to the negotiating table: voices who don’t just want to talk, but who want to take real action.

All organizations and individuals are encouraged to sign and share this petition.

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