Veto the power of Veto​.​Reform the UNSC for more peace and security!

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After the Second World War, the five main victors became the permanent members of the Security Council, the organ responsible for international peace and security.

The UNSC was founded under the conditions of the Second World War!

Now we write 2020. The World is in big disorder!

The Security Council, permanent members have used their power of veto in accordance with their national interests , rather than universal norms and values that are supposed to be the founding principles of the United Nation.

The end of the Cold War provided opportunities to the UN.However , one of the preconditions of this is the reforming of the UN provisions.

This undemocratic privilege of the permanent five  remains to be a serious obstacle

in establishing  a democratic, just and secure world order!

The five members holding the veto power, have severally blocked  UN decisions passed with absolute majority. Thus the veto will ever be an undemocratic instrument used by the world powers for their own benefit , regardless of human rights and international law!

This veto for example from Russia and China  has resulted in untold deaths, devastations and displacements in Syria.

The Death Of Tens Of Thousands  Children!

It Is High Time  to Stop this madness!

Reform The UN!!

Say No , Veto the Power of This  deadly Veto!