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Stop Rohingya Genocide in Burma

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Today, at the moment, as you read this in the comfort of your safe surroundings, thousands of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar are being subjected to inhuman conditions that breach the very spirit of humanity and peace. Genocide, Ethnic “Cleansing”, Mass Murder, Rape, and Castration are the various weapons being used against the Rohingya community to drive them out of their own Rakhine State, out of the soil in which they were born.

The Buddhist nation of Myanmar, which embraces and endorses peace, harmony, and brotherhood around the world has been involved in the killing, maiming and decapitating Rohingya Muslims, who are considered to be “stateless entities”, as the Myanmar government has been refusing to recognize them as one of the ethnic groups of the country. For this reason, the Rohingya people lack legal protection from the Government of Myanmar, are regarded as mere refugees from Bangladesh, and face strong hostility in the country—often described as one of the most persecuted people on earth. To escape the dire situation in Myanmar, the Rohingya try to illegally enter Southeast Asian states, begging for humanitarian support from potential host countries.

The genocide of minority Muslims is on the rise across Myanmar and not just confined to the northwestern state of Rakhine, where recent violence has sent at least 123,000 of Rohingya Muslims fleeing to neighboring Bangladesh.

As our Muslim Rohingya brothers, sisters, mothers and elderly fathers with undernourished, weak children on their backs, cross treacherous mountain borders and flee the puppet army of Aung Saan Suu Kyi’s “Peaceful Myanmar”, the question is, WHAT CAN WE DO?

Consider the 9-year-old Rohingya Muslim child who was beheaded by the Myanmar army, to be your younger brother. Consider the Rohingya Muslim teenage mother, who was raped by army men in front of her family, your sister. Consider the Rohingya Muslim Mother who was beaten to death by the Myanmar army as your mother. Consider the grave of the Rohingya Muslim Father who lost his life escaping human hell, as your father. I know, your heart cries, mine too.
Sign This Petition to Wake the world up to the ROHINGYA MUSLIM CRISIS.
What still makes you calm down your soul? Haven’t we already lost a lot of brothers and sisters and mother and fathers at the hand of heinous geopolitics played by so called “First World Countries”?

Sign this Petition to Wake the world up to the ROHINGYA MUSLIM CRISIS!

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