Demand to Redeem or Rescind Ethiopian Prime Minister’s Nobel Peace Prize

Demand to Redeem or Rescind Ethiopian Prime Minister’s Nobel Peace Prize

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Started by Yonas Biru

The international media and organizations treat African leaders with a double standard. African leaders are often scrutinized, demeaned, and belittled by the international media; and investigated and condemned by the UN, often at the request of the EU and the US. This petition is a part of the #NoMore campaign to investigate the investigators #investigateZinvestigators

No other Nobel Peace Prize winner in recent memory has endured the wrath of the international media, the fury of global think tanks, and the scolding of UN, EU, and US officials as much as Ethiopia’s Prime Minister (PM) Abiy Ahmed.

The attack on PM Ahmed started after he ordered the Ethiopian army to put down a full-blown war waged against the federal government by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). The US government has publicly acknowledged the TPLF is the party that started the war. An official UN report has condemned TPLF for committing “a crime of treason of the highest order.” The report added: “The attack was only the first act in a well-orchestrated and rehearsed plan to usher in the disintegration of Ethiopia.” Yet, the international media and Senior Officials of UN, EU and US condemned PM Abiy for defending the sovereignty and integrity of Ethiopia.  

People of conscience in Africa and around the world need to amplify the hushed whispers of African leaders about the blatant patronization with which they are judged. An African moral voice needs to emerge from a chorus of voices to redeem or rescind PM Ahmed’s Nobel Peace Prize. A truly independent investigation should be jointly commissioned by the African Union (AU) and the UN to investigate not only the war and related alleged atrocities by all combatants, but also to investigate the prejudiced international attack by the international media, international organizations, the EU, and the US. #investigateZinvestigators

This is very crucial not only to redeem PM Ahmed’s reputation and protect his transformative reforms, but also to free African nations from unwarranted international condemnations. Anything less would be being complacent and complicit with the all-too-familiar takedown of promising African leaders. #NoMore.

The following link provides detailed account of the condescending and unwarranted attacks against PM Ahmed.

Links for Amharic and Afan Oromo will be posted soon.



287 have signed. Let’s get to 500!