UN: De-criminalise Self-Determination!

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Article 1 of the United Nation’s Charter (1945), International Covenants on Human Rights (1966), and the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples (1960), states that Self-Determination is a right.

Yet this human right is ignored by many states around the world. Some make it illegal under Sedition Laws, e.g. in India or Malaysia, others in their Constitution e.g. in Sri Lanka (Article 157A), some under Treason Laws e.g. in Nigeria and others by simple extra-judicial action against individuals supporting self-determination. All lead to arrest, imprisonment and sometimes worse.  

We urge the United Nations to de-criminalise Self-Determination by lobbying and supporting campaigns against the use of legal instruments that make it illegal to call for self-determination, including national recognition and/or support for separation within a state.


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