Tanzanian's Peaceful Uninterrupted Political Revolution

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Its Bad Enough To Witness The Deterioration Of Our Nation Political Sphere But Even Worse To Be Denied The Right To Change It

For long since attaining political independence of Tanzania on 9th Dec 1961 our proud nation has excelled in preserving our core virtues that were instilled among us since that day which are (Peace,Freedom & Unity) these have long been our pillars until the ascending to power of the current president John Pombe Magufuli on 5th Nov 2015 who was once seen as an architect to building on our growing nation since been sworn he has rather drastically grown to be an unpopular figure within our country with the rest of the world baring witness to the malaise nature of his vile rule in a nation that democracy was its pride and joy he has managed to turnish,uproot and totally destroy the democratic values in his short time in office unlike all those who came before him who were nonetheless perfect but in the least they succeeded in preserving democracy tendencies within the nation.

Social and political freedoms have turned into restrictions,convictions,killings and disappearances of anyone who dares question or opposes his indoctrine regime and few of the current legislative body system in the nation have dared condemn these acts with most being to selfish and afraid to speak out against the state secretary,the members of parliament who were entrusted with power in several constituencies within the nation and who have the responsibility and the power to question and even impeach the president have widely turned docile figures reluctant to actively perform their duties

Due to the above failing from most members of parliaments in questioning the president's totalitarian rule the people of the republic have since planned to demonstrate Peaceful Political Protests on 26th April 2018 which have widely been met with threats and warnings from the president,those who serve his interest and even the police who are supposed to be the civil servants in preserving the harmony in our nation are now been used as pawns to obstruct the people from exercising their right to protest against Magufuli's government but these threats have yield nothing but further out-cry and uproar to peaceful protest on the 26th among Tanzanians.

Thus due to all these uproar and the current low numbers of police force to be used as pawns to harm the protesters on 26th April  it is mostly likely that president Magufuli has already commitioned for external military support from neighbouring countries' state leaders who rule their nation's with the same iron fist rule as he does in our nation hence we the people of the united republic of Tanzania plead to the united nations under the current secretary-general Hon.António Guterres to issue a notice of uninterruptible and non inteference on military support to deal with peaceful protesters or any other political matters going on in our nation this notice specifically targeted to all neighbouring countries i.e. Rwanda and Uganda which are most likely to be the first destinations for Magufuli to turn for help we ask for these due to the continued discrete infuse of Rwandan military and police personnel within our nation's security sphere who even serve as personal security detail to the president Magufuli.

We are with hope that the united nation shall see fit to intervene in these acts that threaten the livelihood of our people and our nation sovereignity which will lead to an outbreak of casualities losing innocent lives of Tanzanian citizen trying to protest against the vile regime of president turned dictaror-John Pombe Magufuli and we plead to the UN to continue closily monitor the current deteriorating rate of democracies in Tanzania

To The United Nations Under Secretary-General's office-António Guterres

António Guterres