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Protect Ethiopians Pursuing Their Liberation

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In the eyes of many Western countries, Ethiopia is deemed as a peaceful and developing country for the last 26 years. Several developed countries have taken reports that have been published by the current government and diverted it from the reality of the living conditions and struggles that the people of Ethiopia faced. 

Currently, no one denies how the Ethiopian people are suffering from the failed federalism that the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) has implemented for many years. As a result of this policy, many Ethiopians continue to be divided by regions, religions, ethnicities, and languages.

Using this “divide and rule policy”, the TPLF government benefited the power of control over every ethnics and opposition parties who have limited access to government owned medias.  As a result of these advantages, the TPLF government is able to control and lead the political and economical opportunities for the past 26 years.

Our deeply rooted problems have now started to show when the Amhara and Oromo ethnicities voiced their concern using different methods of protest. These two ethnicities are exclusively being targeted by the TPLF government from day one of overtaking the power from the previous government.  The Ethiopian people have not forgotten the death of many Oromo youth who were pursing their liberation when the TPLF government wanted to implement the “expansionism policy”. The attempt of using this policy to continue land grabbing by forcefully removing the Oromo people from their land and confiscating hard earned property was one of the offenses that the Oromo people faced. The Oromo people, who were living surrounding Addis Ababa have come together to resist the TPLF’s intention of expanding the city without consulting and providing an appropriate compensation to the victims, and have succeeded in the cancelation of this ill intended policy.

On the other hand, the forceful combining up of the lands of Amhara region with Tigray region has shown a series of opposing demonstration from the Amhara people. The lives of many freedom seekers of Ethiopian youth have been affected by the reckless use of excessive power usage of the TPLF government.  Many young people have lost their lives and shed their blood to keep the country that once our forefathers kept from colonialists. Exclusively, both the Amhara and Oromo people have paid so much to remain united as one country regardless of the TPLF’s agenda to divide and rule. Again, an attempt to suggest that both these ethnics are traditionally enemies of each other is baseless accusations to prolong the regimes of the TPLF government. History shows that both ethnicities have married into each other rather than marrying Tigrayan ethnicities.

Today, the TPLF government is unwilling to listen to its people and continues arresting political opponents, journalists, political activists, and many individuals who have spoken or written any form of government criticism. One example is Professor Merera Gudina, who is an opposition leader of the Oromo Federalist Congress, and was invited by the European Union to address the current political affairs of Ethiopia. Upon his return to Ethiopia, he was imprisoned for his participation and association with other opposition members such as Professor Berhanu Nega. Another example is of Andargachew Tsige, a British national and the secretary general of the opposition party Ginbot 7, was kidnapped by members of the Ethiopian government at Yemen’s Sana Airport. This shows the extent to which the TPLF is willing to go to break international laws towards anyone who opposes them, in order to protect their regime and remain in power.

Today, many requests by the international world including the European Union team to investigate the death of over five hundred Oromo people during stampede is denied by the TPLF government.

It has been over ten years since the International community has participated in observing the election of Ethiopia. Why? The last time Ethiopia had an election three years ago – we are told the government won 100%! Surprisingly, the same people who were thought to have elected the government have raised their concerns and are seeking urgent change. If this urgency ignored by the TPLF government and the International world, it is possible that the Ethiopian people will face a similar genocide to that of Rwanda. A clear indication of this phenomenon is the conflict that aroused a few months ago between the Ethio-Somalia and the Oromos. As we know, this ethnic based conflict has left thousands of people to evacuate from the land where they have lived for centuries. Many of them are removed and displaced from their livelihood and kept under temporarily shelter.

This is the moment that the Ethiopian people need help from the International community. The Ethiopian people need action, not a statement given by government representatives. The people of Ethiopia have spoken from every direction and want the government to resign. The government has failed to provide the security the people desperately need. The government has failed to share political and economical power.

This is a global campaign to save many Ethiopians in particular, the largest ethnicities of the Amhara and Oromo region, as they push for change by refusing to follow the “Divide and Rule” policy. An attempt to silence the voices of the Ethiopian people by disconnecting Internet services, social media, electricity, water, and disruption of telephone service only shows the TPLF’s determination of staying in power; and covering the reality of continuous struggle of the people from the International world. The people of Ethiopia have suffered from economical deprivation, political advancement, and lack equal opportunity under the TPLF government. The tallest buildings, trains, and roads that were built by the TPLF government did not save our sisters and brothers who are slaughtered by cruel extremists while in search of financial security to support them and their beloved families.

We all watched, read, and listened to several heartbreaking stories of Ethiopian people who were and are under TPLF captivity. These individuals who have migrated to unstable countries have risked their lives due to lack of employment and political unrest.

Our country is facing great danger. Taking actions – actions that can work and benefit all Ethiopians, is the only way to prevent this danger. Our country has endangered its existence as a whole country. Prevention is the best option before it is too late.

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