Cannabis Prohibition is a Crime Against Humanity

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 At the  attention The Secretary-General of the United Nations    "António Guterres

We demand a resolution U.N. This is to put an end to cannabis prohibition considering it a Crime Against Humanity

Cannabis Prohibition is a Crime Against Humanity . 


The only researcher who has a special permission from the American DEA to study cannabis is the scientist Sue Sisley.

In an interview with the Colombian newspaper Semana, he spoke about the benefits of the plant for sleep and a buffer against the effects of post-traumatic stress.

Sue Sisley is a doctor and a specialist with more than eight years experience with medical cannabis and American war veterans.

In addition, it is the only one authorized by the DEA to buy cannabis from the federal government, with FDA approval, to develop drugs. Dice that the potential of cannabis goes from helping to sleep to relieving chronic pain.

"The biggest initial benefit is its impact on sleep." Cannabis seems to help veterans sleep through the night by suppressing all nightmares and memories that usually haunt them.Many of those who try it is the first time they sleep well from years ", the dice at the Semana.

Please rest, without feelings of anxiety and obviously facing the day in a very different way. Feeling better, replace their cannabis drugs with the added benefit of keeping medication intake away. Even pain is another symptom that thanks to cannabis can better manage these veterans. Many of them are abandoning pharmaceuticals for cannabis, which impressed Dr. Sisley.  

Sue Sisley also says that the most rewarding thing she has witnessed is seeing war veterans return to regain control of their lives through cannabis and without having to rely on those pharmaceuticals.

Cannabis, although with very beneficial effects, also has side effects depending on dose, concentration, potency or variety. When someone realizes that they have taken too much, it is too late, even if the negative effects are minimal. According to Sue Sisley, consumption of its natural flower, smoked or vaporized, would be the safest form of consumption and would have the least negative effects.

The US federal government has confirmed that cannabis is a very effective medicine for the treatment of chronic pain, nausea, vomiting and multiple sclerosis.

The taboo towards cannabis is a brake on his investigation
According to the researcher, the stigma against cannabis created for decades is her greatest obstacle to integration.

Powerful groups, police, private prisons and large pharmaceutical companies have invested billions for decades so that cannabis is seen as something negative.

"They persuaded the public, and even our government, that cannabis is dangerous and addictive, and they succeeded!" Sue Sisley says

This long campaign against the plant meant that the population was deceived; could have been investigated for years and now better understand its medicinal potential. This taboo is collapsing, but it is not finished.

"The big pharmaceutical companies, with their high-priced pills have to compete with the natural plant, know that their only hope is to keep it illegal and that's why they have perpetuated a public relations campaign. Both public and subliminal to constantly reinforce the idea that this plant is harmful "continues Sisley.

Although the researcher does not consider pro-cannabis, she recognizes the existence of a legitimate science in her medicinal use, since there are thousands of controlled studies that have been published and which confirm the various medical benefits of the plant.

We must listen to science and not "hysteria and voices"; scientific proof should be the only confirmation of the information.

Sue Sisley has asked for permission for what she calls "log science".

He wants to know which strain and for which disease is better, since it is not yet scientifically known.

Until now only intuition from the experiences of patients works. Quality tests controlled in this direction with the different varieties or strains are necessary and therefore offer patients the best options.


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