SOS...Nicaragua: Human Rights Watch Alert!

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As I write this my nephew, Jorge Chamorro, has been located, initially he was listed as missing along with many other university students that were detained while protesting at his university.  He and other students have been detained since Friday April 20th, 2018  at El Chipote, a prison notorious for human rights violations. His mother's requests to see him have been denied so we have not been able to verify whether he is injured or not. Please note that there are still families trying to locate their loved ones.

Nicaraguan citizens are sending evidence of state sponsored violence through social media. 

What is being reported:

  1. Protesters are being shot and killed
  2. Detained/missing students
  3. State sponsored gangs armed with bats and knives assaulting and robbing protesters, university students, senior citizens and reporters.
  4. Police entering home without warrants are increasing.
  5. Police confiscating food and medical supplies for students' sit-ins
  6. Hospital were order to turn away injured protesters. 
  7. Government has closed private TV stations. 
  8. Police abuse of detainees...made female student disrobe and squats. 
  9. State sponsored gangs are looting business. The looters are backed up the police.

As Nicaragua civilians take to the streets condemning the brutal beating of senior citizens protesting the social security reforms and university students, the government is escalating the violence.


Even though, Ortega's government has systematically closed TV stations Nicaraguans are sending their SOS in hopes that YOU as a member of the international community answer their distress signal.  

By signing this petition YOU are bearing witness to the state sponsored human rights violations happening in Nicaragua. YOU are letting the Nicaraguan government know that these violations will not go unnoticed.