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Take him from his abusive father and give him to his mother

Giving back women's rights, mother's rights, and human rights. Doing what is justice; What is fair.

I am petitioning for my son because his father had been abusive toward me throughout our entire 1 year 2 month marriage. My husband controlled all the money; he wouldn't let me go any where on my own free will--I'd always have to "ask" his permission,otherwise he'd threaten me with divorce. I don't have any family where I live and at the time no friends--I wasn't allowed any! My husband actually went to the jail because he held a knife to me and was going to kill me. He ended up biting me on my left arm leaving a bruise. The police came and took pictures and took him to jail after hearing a recording how my husband said that I should be "hit in the face with a rock." I was frightened! After a couple days my husband's friend begged me to go back to him and I allowed my husband to talk to me and he threatened me that if I don't take him back and help get the charges dropped he would hurt me and my family, so I did. Well, 10 days after all that happened I found out I was pregnant, so if my husband killed me he would have killed an unborn baby or fetus some people would say. My husband made me look at though I was crazy, he even went to a mental health clinic with me and made me look as though I was crazy. I wasn't able to talk to the doctor and tell him the truth about what really happened. If I told, or if I didn't allow my husband to go in the doctor with me I would have been beat at home.

  During all that torture I started going to school, taking my prerequisets for nursing. I confided in one of my teachers whom actually tried to help by advising me ways I can handle my husband--but it never worked! It never worked because my husband didn't care.

My husband pushed me out of the car while i'm about 4 months pregnant and the car was moving. One time while I was in his garage doing "his" paperwork I came down the stairs and my husband grabbed me by my hair and banged my head onto on of the cars windshield. He let go of me and I had a cut on my forehead and my mouth was bleeding and swollen. I tried to leave his garage as I was crying, and my husband and his friend blocked the regular door so that I cannot leave, so I tried to go out the big garage door and my husband started lowering it very fast striking me in my left shoulder just missing my belly. I was about 6 months pregnant. My husband called the police trying to get me in trouble, but I showed the female officer my huge bruise and she wanted to arrest him no matter what;I cried and begged her not to in fear that my husband would harm me or my family later, so she didn't arrest him and sent me to the women's domestic violence shelter. My husband found me later and forced me to go back home, so I did, I didn't have a choice.

Recently, my husband and I had an argument over a clothes iron that his mother burned while she was visiting from Jordan. My husband insisted that I burned it because I asked for a new one. My husband grabbed my hair and was punching me;it felt like forever! So I started to swing my hands to get away from him and I did get away and ran to my bed room and went to close the door. He didn't get me, he said that I scratched him, but I didn't see where. He left and then came back with a new iron,cookies, and some fast food; all that to apologize for what he did. My husband always did nice things or bought me gifts to say he was sorry, he could never admit willingly that he was wrong. I accepted the items. Later, he was on the balcony and I went to make sure he was ok because he seemed as though something "medically" was wrong with him; he jumped up and grabbed my throat and dropped and ran out of the house. All this was about 2 months after giving birth. I noticed that he had bruised my eye. My husband brought the police to get his things and told the police that I had scratched him and I told the police that I was trying to protect myself because he was hurting me and he even bruised my eye, but the police didn't care about what happened. I went to live in a domestic violence shelter and took my son with me. 

After about 2 months (June 2012), my husband got a lawyer (top firm), and I couldn't get any lawyer. Finally, I got a pro bono lawyer in which losing my son to his abusive father. Until now I only have my now 8 month old on Wednesday's 9am-6pm and Fridays 5pm- Sunday 6pm. My son was exclusively breastfeeding and I was pumping and trying to give the milk to his father and he didn't even want to take it. I was very hurt and I have no income, nothing to help me in my case against him. My mother (in another state) has been helping with some of the legal fees but it's not easy for her as she has surgeries.

My court is in 8 days and I need as many supporters as I can get. This man, I think used me to have a child with him to keep him in US and to use my son as an "anchor baby." I even lost my health insurance because of him. My husband constantly abused me emotionally, physically, and mentally. I have more incidents but it would be a book if I had to describe in detail. I have all the classic signs of an abused woman. Before I was scared because all I knew was him. Now that I am away from him I have started to build friendships and try to move on with my life, but his torture and his presence is getting in the way. Because of him I cannot get a job. I am sure he knows people here in the community helping him legally. Even with all the emergency room visits I've had and the police reports the legal system does not want to prosecute him. This is not right or is injustice! He needs to pay for what he did to me.

I need everyone possible to help me in my cause. If you have been abused, or know someone who has, please take 2 minutes to sign my petition. 

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