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Blazer Rights are Sweatshirt Rights

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This petition asks that the students of Trinity High School will be able to wear any kind of Trinity sweatshirts.  If this new dress code rule is put in place, their will be many benefits not only for the students, but for the school. I understand why teachers/faculty would want the sweater dress code to stay, but their are so many more benefits to a sweatshirt. Winter is right around the corner, which means cold weather and flu season, so we should all be bundling up and trying to keep warm as best as we can through the cold harsh winter.  Here at Trinity High School we are not given the privilege to wear any sort of sweatshirt except for they itchy uncomfortable sweater which many students have complained about for some time now.  No students at Trinity High School want to be cold, but at the same time no one wants to be stuck in a extremely uncomfortable sweater. Since the sweater is such an annoyance, no one wants to wear it. Students are then just wearing a light long or short sleeve shirt.  The lack of warmth and comfort causes more students to get sick, and the more students sick, the more absences in school.  If we were allowed to wear a Trinity sweatshirt, students would purchase more Trinity apparel, which will then bring more money into the school.  We the students of trinity high school mean no disrespect when we ask to be able to wear a sweat shirt.  We are just really cold and don't want to be trapped in a horrible uncomfortable sweater all day. Other Dominican Catholic schools in the area have started to allow their students to wear their school quarter zipper sweatshirt. There will be so many benefits if this dress code is put into place, so on behalf of the students of Trinity High School, I hope you consider this request.

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