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Anonymity in RTI: Create an Autonomous Institution which will hide Identity of Appellants

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Many Right to Information Act (RTI) activists, including policemen, have been harassed and even murdered for seeking information to "promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority" in India. Many face assaults on a regular basis. People seeking information from their gram panchayat and the local administration also face social ostracism. A few activists who sought information under RTI related to MNREGA scams were killed. Many threats and attacks (including murder) go unreported by the media.

Such brave whistleblowers and activists are essential for the country and its citizens. We Indians only have a bunch of such bold and brave people. It's our moral duty to protect them. In spite of having Whistle Blowers Protection Act, 2011 there is a large number of cases of murders, threats and social ostracism.

We want an "Autonomous Institution" to enact "Anonymity in RTI" which will act as an interface between appellants and Public Information Officers. The Autonomous body will verify and receive RTI Application, Appellants identity and all the information will be encrypted using technology to ensure that their identity cannot be accessed by anyone not even by Autonomous Institution's members itself, thus ensuring complete anonymity of those whistleblowers.

It can be easily achieved through technology, the identity of Applicants can be easily verified using Aadhar Number, PAN Number, biometrics, it can easily be encrypted and decrypted, 100% anonymity can easily be ensured.

Once we can ensure "Anonymity in RTI". More and more people will fight for their rights, millions of anonymous whistleblowers are there, and thus the corrupt and inefficient Public Authorities will find no way to suppress as they will never access the identity and hence no need of Whistleblower Protection Act, 2011, no threats and no murders.

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