Save Anoka's Human Rights Commission!

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Anoka's City Council is planning to disband the city's Human Rights Commission, a group designed to make Anoka more welcoming and inclusive. The commission has been inactive for a number of years but it or something similar is needed now more than ever! The commission probably needs a redesign, a new name, and passionate members from diverse backgrounds and that's okay. But before it can be better, before it can make a difference, it needs to EXIST! 

How will it look if the city disbands its Human Rights Commission at such a critical time in history?! This will most likely be voted on at the August 17th meeting. Three members are in favor of disbanding and two would like to see the commission continue with necessary changes. At this point, we will lose our commission and there is no clear plan for future efforts. Please sign to show your support for the continued existence of this commission!

Some of the concerning comments from the city council at their July 27th meeting:
"We're not going to resolve any [human rights] problem. Not our job."
"I don't know why we feel compelled to solve a problem that doesn't exist."
"This council and I would never look at anybody based on their race and say 'you can't be part of this community.' "
"I haven't witnessed any discrimination in my life in Anoka."