No Bazaar 2020. Health & Safety above all else.

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1. Baazar adalah kehendak bukan keperluan. We can live without Bazaar this year. We emphatised those affected if Baazar cancels, but health and safety should be prioritised.

2. Malaysia wont have enough resources to ensure whatever rules that the Gov wishes to impose on Bazaar are strictly adhered to. This significantly increased the risk of infection, or another wave. As we know that the virus has incubation period, we wouldn’t know if someone around us is already infected. 1 person can cause thousands of infection (We can use of what happened in Tabligh event as an example of how easy this virus spread).

3. Continuance to the point 2 above, if there is another wave coming which is Highly Likely, another lockdown would have to be invoked. We’ve already lost our lives (some of us, loss of income, loss of business), dont let our efforts will go in vain. Furthermore, another wave will cause great pressure to our healthcare system and put a lot of stress to our frontliners. 

5. Probably this bazaar is suggested to stimulate the economy. But the return is not worth the risk. See what happened when we downplayed the risk in Jan/Feb. If it was curb more seriously at the very beginning, then we wouldn't be in this mess.