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Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, ALSO KNOWN AS JUNIOR, who was ONLY 15 years old, was dragged, beaten, stabbed and butchered to death with knives and chatete’s by a gang of men outside a Bronx bodega on June 20, 2018, in what police are saying is a case of mistaken identity related to a sex tape..... After this horrible satanic attack, videos of this hard to watch crime (before, during and after Lesandro’s death) have surfaced from all angles of people who were MORE concerned on recording the horrifying crime instead of helping or calling for help...... THIS HAS GOT TO STOP......   AS ALL VIDEOS CLEARLY SHOW THAT NO ONE CALLED FOR HELP, OR HELPED LESANDRO AT ALL.....  I am asking everyone to please sign my petition because it should be a CRIME to record a crime and not do anything nor call for help..... Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, who was ONLY 15 years old...... A member of the NYPD Explorers because he hoped to one day become an NYPD Detective, was denied help by society while being attacked in the most crucial way....... My deepest and most sincere condolences to his family..... My heart is breaking with you....  :(   #JUSTICEFORJUNIOR

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