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Help us preserve the privacy and sanctuary of the Tribal Edge Land

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What? Tribal Edge is urgently asking for your help to request that the proposed Loop Road be relocated further north away from our land (see the red road).

We are taking action to preserve and protect the privacy and sanctuary of the Tribal Edge Land which has given so much to our local community. We wish to share the voice of the Tribal Edge community and fairly represent the value of our vision and the sacredness of the space that has been created at Tribal Edge. It is our intention to preserve the resources of silence and wildness of the land which makes Tribal Edge what it is, while reaching the best outcome possible for all involved. (To find out more about Tribal Edge, go to

The Loop Road project, which the Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe is proposing will meet their needs to expand and maintain their various interests by routing construction and service trucking out of sight around the back of their operation. They have looked at several possible routes for this road and have found the route that best matches their interests to save money, resources, and environmental impact. Unfortunately, this route (green/blue), brings their trucking into our front yard, and is the greatest negative impact for Tribal Edge. We are requesting that they reconsider and move the new road to another location further north to reduce roadway sound (specifically trucking) and visual impact of traffic, lights, and loss of wild land habitat. We also wish to preserve our privacy and ability to control who drives by or stops by our land during trainings to avoid disruptions as well as reduce access to vandals, thieves, drug users and other unwanted behavior.

Why? Our training center is at the edge of the wild and relies upon its quiet, natural setting to operate which the Loop Road would negatively impact if placed too close.

We appreciate and respect our neighboring Jamestown S'Klallam tribe and their history as a leading example of how to do business and create a thriving community. We cherish the land they call home and the sacred wild areas which speak of the past and we feel blessed to be located at the foot of the mountains on the bay next to our beloved creek. Over 20 years of being the guardian of the land, and over 15 years of caretaking the vision of Tribal Edge have led to a deep relationship and connection to the land which holds our trainings. 

Tribal Edge is a training center which provides transformative experiences in nature that allow deep connection and healing for our participants and community and planet. We are able to provide these experiences because of our very unique location on the "Edge" of civilization- within earshot but without disturbance, which offers a reassurance to visitors who are new to the nature immersion experience. We offer an accessible approach to nature and self-awareness due to its proximity to town, yet maintains its off the grid, secluded feel where participants can unplug during their stay, whether it be for a few hours or days, weeks or years of training. With continual trucking traffic and increased noise and light pollution, and with increased public access and lost privacy and surrounding wild space, most of our classes and programs would not be possible to run.

How? Share your stories about your connection to the land and how it has impacted you. Help others understand the need to protect the Tribal Edge land and operation as a valuable resource for our community.

The Jamestown S'Klallam tribe have demonstrated their desire to give their guests a pleasant experience which I am sure they also wish to do so for their neighbors. They have been willing to listen to our needs and concerns, and I have done what I can to protect the land and our interests and by sharing what it means to me with the decision makers at the Tribe. Now I am asking for your help, for I am only one voice. If you have been effected by the Land and your experiences at Tribal Edge, We would love to hear your stories, testimonials, pictures, videos, questions, and any form of media that will convey your message. Please take a little time to offer your voice up for the sake of the land and the vision of our community. Lets do what we can for the Land!

You can post any messages, stories etc. at our Facebook group or email us at Thank you! Ben Sanford, Founder/ Director 

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