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Tougher laws on people speeding/dangerous driving causing serious injuries and death!

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Please help me and so Many other families to get the justice we deserve. Last year my 15 year old son was run over outside the Sheffield Wednesday football ground by a man who was speeding. My son was severely injured and was instantly knocked into a coma and fighting for his life! His injuries are breathtakingly life changing, he has severe brain damage and severely disabled unable to do anything for himself. He has gone from being an A* student and planned from a young age to be a scientist, who absolutely loved sport (played football for Hillsborough pumas) and had a wide range of friends from all backgrounds and was a very happy lively soul. To now fighting to do the most simple of tasks and learning EVERYTHING from scratch. Nothing is guaranteed in his progress and every day is a fight! We are currently going through rehabilitation with our beautiful warrior fighting ever day to get a little piece of our precious soldier back. For some families they don't even get that chance and have the absolute heartbreak of having to say goodbye. I am humbled and feel so utterly blessed when I compare our situations because I still have my son here. But non of us should be going through this it's utterly heart breaking and what makes it all the more horrendous is that so many people getting off Scott free for taking these lives. The driver who hit my son WAS SPEEDING! But the law says 'even if he was going slower the accident would have still happened' ??? Ok maybe so BUT would his injuries be so severe? I think not! And speaking to many very experienced medical staff it's been confirmed that no, it wouldn't have been so severe. (There is a famous advert about speeding which I'm sure you'll all recall) I can't begin to even explain the anger I feel from the outcome of the 'investigation' from our police (south Yorkshire) it seems the background of the person makes all the difference to sentencing??? Absolutely shocking! A crime is a crime! The man who hit my son WAS SPEEDING, he has caused severe life changing injuries to my son and ruined his life and ALL our families too. Guess what? He got off! Yes!!! He got off Scott free without even a fine. This man didn't even contact our family with an apology or any remorse! Can you imagine that?! And like I say this is not uncommon, families lose loved one's and have to be delivered the same but wrenching news we've received. That basically there is nothing the police can do? WHAT???? REALLY! This is our law system? So pull a trigger or stab someone and take a life you're locked up, but if you're behind a wheel and do the same well that's ok? So I am starting this petition so that our 'protectors' our law and our government/justice system take this more serious. And maybe dish out more serious consequences than a slap on the wrist for these CRIMES! My husband has had a fine for parking in the wrong place that wasn't clearly marked ' And doesn't have to be' by law apparently. But this man has took my boys future his life as it would be and not even got a fine! LET'S GET JUSTICE. 

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