Save the Downtown Trees in Kincardine

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I need your help.

The developer for the next door project wants to cut down these 100+ year old trees, for no reason.

His plan is to dig straight down on the property line and place a brick wall, which will kill the roots and the trees. There is no need for this.

He could “flip” the blueprint, at NO cost to himself, and make this side the driveway side, which would save the trees and actually make the driveway slightly larger, which would make parking at the back better.

This would result in 0 lost square feet for his commercial space.

This would result in 0 lost residential units upstairs for people to rent.

We offered to meet with their architect and show them exactly how the plan could be flipped. The developer declined.

They haven’t started digging and laying utilities yet, so this would be at no cost to them yet.

We issued a no trespass order, which he refused to take. He said he will bring the chainsaw himself if he has to. He went on further to notify the workers on site to return in the night and chop the trees down. The workers refused (thankfully). We are concerned he will hire someone else to come and remove the trees.

We are not asking for the development to stop, or for them to lose money, we are only asking for the design to allow the trees to live, which have been around for over 100 years.

Will you help us?
Anne Eadie, Mayor -
Sharon Chambers, CAO -
Michele Barr, CBO -

We have a chance to save part of our downtown beauty, without preventing the development, please find the time to help.