Petition for changes to the current Labor partys national policy on migration and refugees

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We the undersigned acknowledge the Labor Party support for:

• Permanent visas
• Family reunion
• Reinstatement of the refugee Review Tribunal for people onshore

We request that the Labor Party National Policy on migration and refugees be amended to include the following principles:

• Labor in Government WILL:

  • Strive to achieve a political dialogue in Australia which is free from vilification of refugees, people seeking asylum and migrants and restores Australia’s reputation as a humane, open and accepting community, supportive of multiculturalism and compassion;
  • Recognise that under the Refugee Convention people seeking asylum have the right to seek protection and asylum regardless of the mode of arrival and that Laborrejects the practice of referring to asylum seekers as “illegals” as this is NOT illegal under Australian and International law;
  • Restore all references to the Refugee Convention into the Migration Act that were removed by the Coalition government;
  • Abandon support for offshore detention
  • Provide protection to refugees who are currently residing on Manus Island and Nauru and bring them to Australia in keeping with our obligations under the Refugee Convention;
  • Ensure that the Commonwealth meets its obligation to the maritime principle of safety of life at sea which requires a response to assist in the rescue at sea of vessels in distress and legislate a duty of care on the Commonwealth to do so and to cease the practice of turning boats back at sea;
  • Repeal the statutory obligation to detain non-citizens without visa while their immigration status is resolved;
  • Ensure that detention in an immigration detention centre is only to be used as a last resort and for the shortest practicable time i.e. for no longer than 30 days;
  • Abolish Temporary Protection Visas and Safe Haven Enterprise Visas and provide permanent protection to all those currently holding such visas;
  • Ensure that permanent residents who have held such status for two years or morehave the right to apply for Australian citizenship.