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This is my situation but please sign, write about your experience on comment section so we can all be heard. Dont forget to share on social media.

It has been over a year where my flat first got flooded, it happened 6 times with the worst one in September 2017, I forgot the number of times I rushed my 3 kids to emergency clinics/hospitals with the youngest who is 1. She's the one i'm greatly worried about, imagine being on antibiotics every month and having infection every time where her eyes swell up (as seen above in pic) and throat,ears hurt so much that she cries to sleep every night. She's probably so immune to them by now that they are going to stop working later on in her life.

Bedroom windows mouldy, bathroom covered in mould wall boards coming off and ceilings crumbling. Infested with silver fish in all rooms under beds in coffee mugs. 2 different inspectors came around 3 times since and 3 other flooding later on nothing has been done. They are so incapable that they have to use 2 different inspectors and visit 3 times but still no results no progress.

Clarion has no care for resident, don't do any welfare check,no repairs no solution and to top it off managers are so ignorant they can go as far as lying through their teeth saying they have solved the issue and they have made contact but cant provide evidence that they have done anything. Residents are not contacted and residents problems are not solved. A resident cant even find a e-mail adress for a manager so they can forward their concerns. 

I can't get back to work because my 3 year old keeps getting sent home from nursery with high temperature. I worked hard to decorate this flat when I moved in 2 years ago it was a mess and spent all the money i had saved up from working long hours and late shifts. How could anyone any organisation who probably makes millions off of the government not care about kids health and well being. How many Clarion Housing residents are now living in these conditions? How many are still waiting for repairs? How many have actually got a call or letter regarding any progress or reports from inspector, surveyor, contractor, or a simple apology, solution anything?

This Inhumane disgusting treatment has to stop right now! Clarion Managers get your act together and start caring!

Dont forget to write about your experience with Clarion (formally Affinity Sutton) on comments section when you sign and please share.