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Class Size Matters in SY 2018-2019

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The class of 2029 currently has 4 teachers for over 112 children. This averages 28 children per class. The guideline of no more than 25 students per teacher for grades 1-3 is currently not being met in our children's classrooms. Research has indicated that lower class sizes  is one of the few educational strategies shown to increase learning for all students, yielding a host of cognitive and non-cognitive benefits. 

• Class size reduction is likely to have large public health benefits – with medical savings comparable to spending on antibiotics or even vaccines-- with nearly two more years of life projected for students who are in smaller classes in the early grades. 

• The benefits of class size reduction in the early grades last throughout a student's educational career.

• These students also had significantly lower drop-out rates, higher grades, and received better results on their college entrance exams. The graduation rate for free-lunch students more than doubled, and their likelihood of graduating closed the gap with non-poor students.

• National surveys of educators believe that class size reduction is the most effective method to improve the quality of teaching. In a 2008 survey, 76% of teachers said that reducing class size would be "a very effective" way of improving teacher quality, and 21% responding that it would be an “effective” method, far outstripping every other reform cited.

• A study commissioned by the US Department of Education analyzed at the achievement levels of students in 2,561 schools across the nation, as measured by their performance on the national NAEP exams. The sample included at least 50 schools in each state, including large and small, urban and rural, affluent and poor areas. After controlling for student background, the only objective factor that correlated with higher test scores was class size, and the gains in the upper grades associated with smaller classes surpassed the gains from smaller classes in the lower grades.

The parents and community of Cape St. Claire, Maryland are advocating for the reduction of class sizes for the school year of 2018-2019 and are requesting an additional teacher and teacher aids to make sure that our children will  not be left behind. 



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