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Dog that viciously attacks shouldn't be allowed back in communities

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On Wednesday, April 12th, a young woman walking a small French bulldog/Boston terrier mix for her family member in chesterfield experienced a vicious attack from a pitbull. The pitbull who was unprovoked had escaped the house where it lived, killed the small terrier who was lifted over the persons head to protect the dog, injured as well as bit the person walking the dog. Can you imagine having an experience like that? Can you imagine getting a call on vacation that your aunt was attacked and your dog was killed? Now imagine the dog that did that being returned to your neighbor?
The dog who attacked is likely going to be returned to the owner. We live in a community with 1,835 homes. Just like other communities we are primarily families with kids who walk their dogs as well.
The resolution we are fighting for is for this dog not to be returned to our community and the law to be changed in AACO giving animal control more discretion than 2 bites. Each situation is unique and nothing fits in a one size fits all box. I'm not picking on a breed, and we are asking this to be across the board for any type of dog. We all love dogs, just like they loved their terrier, but where are the rights and protections for residents in communities? What about the justice for the dog that was violently murdered and the person who was viciously attacked?
Please help us ask for AACO to take immediate action! Next time it might be too late for a small child and their dog walking in the community!




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