Sack QLD Health Minister Steven Miles

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The Lady Cilento name change, while controversial, is not the main issue at hand.

Steven Miles, the QLD Minister for Health created an online poll that was used as “community consulatation” asking if the hospital name should be changed.

Almost 17,000 yes votes in that poll came from only 74 IP Addresses, some allegedly from Government computers, as was revealed by Channel 9 Brisbane which the Minister was aware of. The Minister still refuses to confirm or deny if any of the IP addresses are Government associated.

Article below:

The government used this poll as a justification of the name change after facing criticism from the QLD Opposition.

Steven Miles said “this is what good government decision making looks like.” while brandishing the results.

It’s clear that these results are not reflective of any real community consultation and sets a bad precedent for future Governments, Labor, LNP or otherwise. Experts at Galaxy Polling have declared the poll to be useless.

This is not what community consultation looks like and the government should not be tampering with or rigging polls to decide the outcome in their favour.

Annastacia Palazczuk should ask Steven Miles to be removed from Cabinet as this conduct is unacceptable and would be more likely found by government officials in Russia than Queensland.