Queensland teachers need safe housing.

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Queensland teachers need safe housing.

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Started by Robina Cosser

Teachers working in the remote areas of Queensland have been suffering poor housing for many years.


In 2006 a 21-year-old female teacher was sent out to live on a remote Queensland island.

Her accommodation was not secure.

She was attacked  -


When the young teacher asked the Regional Office if they knew she had been attacked, they told her they were aware of the attack, but had a policy of not contacting classroom teachers unless it was a matter of life and death.


In September 2008, Labor Member for Cook Jason O'Brien said "Quite frankly, some of the housing that teachers are expected to live in is in such poor condition you really want to cry." 



But, almost ten years later, very little seems to have changed:



Many teachers voted Labor in the recent Queensland elections.

They believe that Labor is the party for teachers.

I call on Annastacia Palaszczuk to show Queensland teachers that she appreciates their support.

I call on her to make sure that every Queensland teacher working in a rural and remote community has a safe place to sleep at night.

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This petition had 27 supporters

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