Stop Vegan Terrorists

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Vegan Terrorist have launched a war on the meat and dairy industries. They trespass, steal, threaten and intimidate to get their extremist message heard.

Hard working farmers are bearing the brunt of this with their livelihoods on the line. Some have had to sell up due to the disruptions and for the safety of their families. This kind of behaviour should never be accepted.

We call on Annastacia Palaszczuk and the QLD government in particular to give the police greater rights when dealing with these extremeists who are breaking many laws. These people need to face serious penalties for this kind of behaviour. Repeat offenders need to face jail time.

The graphic protests in public places need to stop. In Australia free speech is important and the right to protest but graphic images of dead animals in public places where children are is unacceptable and needs to stop. 

We wouldn’t accept this kind of behaviour from any religious group so why are these people getting away with it.

Vegans have the right to believe what they want - they don’t have the right to force it on us.

I am just a regular citizen who enjoys a good hamburger every now and then. I absolutely support the ethical treatment of animals but no one’s diet should be dictated by extremeists.

I am tired of seeing these terrorists on the news, breaking the law and getting away with it. Aussie farmers have enough to deal with and I support them.