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STOP: Queensland Government’s misleading DRAFT Flood Maps!

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Queensland Government Policy has changed the way floods are “anticipated” in Queensland and Gold Coast City Council have Developed new DRAFT Gold Coast City flood overlay Maps based on the Queensland Government Policy.  

This isn’t limited to the Gold Coast area and may very well affect other Queensland local government areas including yours. If you own property you must read this and sign the petition.

Consultation with the public has been far from acceptable given the number of properties affected.

The mapping apparently reflects a flood event that has a 1 per cent chance of occurring in any year, also referred to as a one in 100 year ARI (Average Recurrence Interval) flood event.

Gold Coast City Council states that “the extent of flood hazard shown on the Flood overlay mapping contained on their website, has been updated as per the Council resolution 26 July 2016 (G16.0726.020) to include:
(a) 80cm sea level rise (consistent with State Government policy);
(b) 10% increase in storm tide intensity (as per State Government requirements);
(c) 10% increase in rainfall intensity;
(d) 50% of total wave setup at the mouth of the Tallebudgera and Currumbin Creeks; and
(e) the most up-to-date flood related topographic, land use, technological and hydrological data.
The Flood overlay code has been updated to align with the endorsed methodology.”

As a result, the extent of the PROPOSED flood maps has changed significantly and without adequate explanation with some areas that have NEVER flooded now appearing completely flooded and other areas that were in the previous Flood areas, no longer showing as been Flood affected. 

These changes, if implemented, have the potential to significantly impact:

- property values;

- future property development opportunities;

- property insurance cover and premiums.

This affects all property owners and constituents on the Gold Coast as these changes may continue to affect properties across the Gold Coast as the Flood Maps continue to be updated into the future.

Basing these Flood map updates on Council resolution, State Government policy and State Government requirements is not adequate when Queenslanders have not been adequately engaged and consulted.

To find out more and to see how you may be affected, click on the links below:

Online submission portal:

City Plan interactive mapping:


Future Flood maps across Queensland should be based on fact and past flooding data rather than speculation and natural hazard potential risk. ALL property owners should be personally contacted by letter to ensure they are aware of this proposal and have an opportunity to actually have their say. The “consultation” period must be extended to ensure all property owners understand the proposal and can respond.  

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