Revoke an accused murderers bail

Revoke an accused murderers bail

2 March 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Cinamon Murphy

In October 2019, my husband Dave was murdered. 
It was his 49th birthday. 
Kynan Vital is one of Dave's alleged murderers. Vital was initially refused bail, and in December 2019 his appeal for bail was turned down, once again. 
The judge described him as both “erratic and violent”, “obsessive”, and “very disturbing.”

However in April 2020, due to COVID 19, he applied for and was granted bail. 
An alleged murderer walked free without having to be fitted for a tracking device, nor any strict bail conditions.

My family has had a DVO in place since my husbands death, and after Vital violated the DVO on several occasions was arrested, but once again, released on bail. The breaches have been continuously adjourned. 
On February 23 2021 at his directions hearing it was adjourned once again, this time until 21 July 2021, so he will remain on bail, still unmonitored for another 5 months. 
We were just a normal family, Dave worked every day of his life. He was the best husband, best Dad and best mate you could ever hope to have. 

Premier Annastacia Palasczuk, how is this fair? That a decent hardworking, family man gets murdered, yet we are still waiting for any sort of justice. 
The judge denied Vital's bail application for a reason.

Please revoke Kynan Vital's bail now. 

Please deliver justice for my Dave.

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Signatures: 1,009Next goal: 1,500
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