Reform the QLD Youth Justice Act 1992 and the Bail Act of 1980

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This petition is addressed to the QLD state premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Youth Justice minister Leanne Linard.

This petition is addressed to the QLD State Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Youth Justice Minister Leanne Linard.

In the last five years, Queenslanders have seen time and time again a failure in the youth justice system to reprimand serious offences committed by youth. We are seeing repeat offending of serious crimes without adequate punishment. Sadly due to the weakness and inadequacy of the judicial system a serious offender was granted bail, he then went onto kill a young couple one of which was 6 months pregnant.

The general consensus of the QLD police is that they are fighting a losing battle, the same offenders are arrested and placed into custody only to be given a slap on the wrist and allowed free to re-offend.

We have now lost a beautiful young couple with their whole lives ahead of them. This young family represents every Queenslander who has the right to grow, live and love without the fear of falling victim to a failing judicial system.

This petition is our time to push for change, to amend the Youth Justice Act 1992 and the Bail Act 1980.

The changes are but not limited to:
- Reducing the maximum youth offender age to 15;
- Amending condition to be met to obtain bail in relation to serious crimes;
-Provide heavily monitored rehabilitation programs to young offenders and allow for rehabilitation; and
-Harsher sentencing for serious offenders

Let this petition gain enough momentum for it to become not just a matter to be swept under the rug or an election promise, but a true change to our justice system.

More Queenslanders have died due to crimes committed by juvenile offenders in the past year than of COVID-19, yet what action is being taken to protect the people of Queensland from this ongoing issue.

Please share and sign today and let us fight to protect everyday Queenslanders who want to see a change in the way we deal with juvenile crime.