QLD/NSW Border - reintroduce exemption pass for parent/child visitation & access

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Due to most recent QLD border closure, children with separated parents can no longer have access & regular visitation with the parent if they live in NSW/QLD (unless you’re inside ‘border bubble’)

QLD Gov via direct phone call advised on Sunday 9th August that families can still follow court orders/ arranged visits HOWEVER, when entering from a hotspot (all of NSW) or returning from a hotspot, the child and parent will have to spend 2 weeks in self funded hotel quarantine. 

Many families live outside the ‘border bubble’ and this is simply not possible or viable.

To give an example and context;

Father and child live in Byron Bay, Mother and other child live in Brisbane. For ten years kids have spent every other weekend with non primary care parent and half holidays. Obviously both kids are at school & parents working in their respective states/towns. Changeover happens at the Gold Coast. Under the new rules these visits are stopped for an indefinite amount of time as it is not viable, time wise or financially for Byron Bay parent and child to spend 2 weeks (and thousands of dollars!!) in hotel quarantine for a weekend visit! And vice versa, child visiting from Brisbane would have to do the hotel quarantine with a parent on return. 

We request that families in these situations can get an exemption pass online (as we could before with previous border closures) And visitation can resume ASAP. We request that families without court orders can have a declaration of the agreed arrangement, signed by a JP also be sufficient. 

We believe the mental and emotional health and well-being on both parents and children affected by this is serious, upsetting, dangerous and traumatic. 

Please sign our petition so we can advocate and get changes made ASAP  for the many parents and children directly and devastatingly impacted by this.