Open the QLD border to postcodes that have no active cases! Zero Covid = Not a hotspot!

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The recent Queensland hard border closure that started on the 8th of August has effected many lives on both sides of the border. Repercussions of the border closure so far have included, death, suicide, loss of income, delay in medical treatment, missed funerals and families separated.

Waiting for a national definition of a COVID hotspot is taking too long and even then, the Queensland Premier has made no promises to follow it. South East Queensland now has more cases than the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales and yet the Queensland government continues to not listen to the pleas of Queenslanders caught out in the mess or the Australian people.

- You cannot label an entire state a COVID hotspot when outside of the metro area, there are no cases.

-You can no longer claim to be cautious, expecting cases to spread from a metro area to regional areas, when this has not happened in more than three weeks and counting.

- You cannot claim to be looking after our economy when you are not allowing those that have jobs that rely on the border to travel freely to those jobs.

- You dare to allow mass gatherings at sporting events that bring the players from interstate, when there are Queenslanders who cannot return to their own homes after a days work.

- You expect Queenslanders to pay mandatory quarantine fees while also sacrificing their income for two weeks just so they can come home.

- You expect families who want to visit their dying loved ones, to wait in a cue to be given an exemption that most likely will be denied.

- You claim you have compassion for families that are struggling with your decisions but refuse to listen to them and won’t own up to your own mistakes.

- You claim to be focused on health, but seem to forget that mental health is just as important as physical health.

- You tried to help by creating a “bubble” that would allow border communities to travel to and from their homes without considering how far the real border community actually extends.

It’s time the Queensland government faced the reality that they are doing more harm then good in regards to our border communities and other Australian families.

The Queensland border can remain closed, that is not the issue! You cannot continue to declare entire states as hotspots when the regional communities of those states have zero cases. Reconsider your position and allow Australians who come from and go to postcodes where no Corona virus is present to return or enter into Queensland. 

For some families, Christmas is too late!