Make Euthanasia Legal in Queensland

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Could I ask everyone to picture this. Every breath you take brings an unbearable amount of pain to your whole body, you haven’t slept since the doctor forwarded the news that you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and every hospital visit leaves your loved ones distraught as they try to comprehend the agony you have been in these past two years. No one wants to see their grandparents in an unbearable amount of pain, no one wants to see their grandparents pass away, but everyone does want a peaceful death for their loved ones. However, in Queensland a peaceful death is against the law.

For those here who don’t know, the word euthanasia, originated from the Greek word ‘good death’ and can be defined as the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or an irreversible coma. This is done by administering a fatal dose of a suitable drug to the patient who is then simply rendered unconscious with pain reducing drugs eventually dying of natural causes. This may sound scary to some of you, but isn’t the fact that one day you may find yourself in this position even scarier? Instead of having control over your life, you are forced to deal with the relentless amount of pain until your body decides it has had enough. These days, sports people who acquire an injury may have the help of specialists, but at the end of the day it is absolutely their decision. Take JT for example, he played origin with an injured shoulder withstanding the pain because it was his decision, he wanted to, he didn’t have to. Yet, people who are injuring terminally, painful diseases don’t have the choice whether they get to live in this substantial amount of pain, they just have to. If we can make choices about how people live, then surely we can make choices about how people die. I believe it is utterly disgusting that the government can decide your life disregarding what you want, don’t you?

“According to an ABC news poll, 75 percent of Queenslanders/Australians said yes to terminally ill patients having the ability to legally end their lives with medical assistance. However, Euthanasia is still avoided inside parliament walls despite the backing from the Queensland public. It should not be a crime to die peacefully yet currently in Queensland it is exactly that. A medically assisted death protects your dignity. Imagine seeing your family every day except you had no idea who actually came to visit you. Not only does that break your heart, it destroys everyone that ever loved you. I hope none of you have to encounter this in the future, but ask anyone who has had a loved one’s condition fatally deteriorate and then follow with asking them their stance on euthanasia. I can guarantee it is the same answer that I am persuading to you today.

The 25 percent that did vote no would be under the impression that patients will be euthanized without consent or for unethical or impure reasons. However, this will never be the case as euthanasia will always be properly regulated. Strict rules will be put in place reassuring the authenticity of the decision handed down by the doctors. Some of these rules which are followed and supported in other countries are; if suffering becomes unbearable, patients request must be voluntary and persist, also there must be consultation with at least one independent doctor confirming the patients illness. This has to remove the doubt for the few that were previously unsure about euthanasia as there is no other reasons to not support dying in aid of medical assistance.

In Australia euthanasia is a very current and prevalent issue. However, in countries such as the Netherlands a peaceful death has been legal for almost 20 years. First the delay in legalisation of gay marriage, now this. Why is that Australia continues to fall behind in obvious and serious political changes? Should we be so apprehensive about change or more apprehensive of the fact that our government doesn’t appreciate our beliefs, in this case the painless death in the form of euthanasia.


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