A royalty holiday Anna? Stop it. Abandon Adani now.

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At 2.41pm yesterday (Thursday 18th May) I received an email from the Peter Casey the Queensland Secretary of LEAN (Labor Environment Action Network) on a report on the ABC this morning suggesting that Queensland is about to give a $320,000,000 Royalty Holiday to the Adani Carmichael project. This was followed by an email from Dr Tim Flannery of the Climate Council at 3.17pm saying.

"This morning we launched a report that shows Adani’s Carmichael mine is fundamentally at odds with Australia’s commitment to tackling climate change.”

Its time to truth bomb the Adani Carmichael take down. Jaw-boning the words “economic development” and “jobs” is a match-stick thin defense that collapse's under a mere glance from anyone who's literate. The ruse of job claims was outed long ago, remember the claim of 10,000 jobs? That mirage faded away instantly in court to under 1500 jobs but of far more interest was what the court was silent on, the permanent job losses in tourism due to the degradation of the reef.

Adani is constantly described as a coal mine, but 'its time to say what Adani really is;

An atmosphere destroying, reef destroying, job destroying carbon time-bomb that if it ever gets completed will emit more carbon than New York by 20 percent. ( go here to see my interview with Mark Butler MP https://www.facebook.com/russell1on1/ )

The stench of this unctuous deal is so foul that not that not even the seedy mafioso banking fraternity can stomach it. As a Labor Premier of the great state of Queensland that should tell you something. It should tell you that a Labor government must not trade the environment on the altar of 1500 jobs. There's not a mathematician in the country that can make that equation add up. You criticize Turnbull for being a fly in fly out PM and I don't know why? When he's asked the question about ponying up for a billion dollar loaner on the ATP slate, he fly's in, channels Sir Les, says "No worries" and fly's out.

An analyst at the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, Tim Buckley said "If you were to provide a billion dollars for solar projects across Australia you would probably create 3000 jobs. To quote Tim Flannery again, "...if the Galilee Basin mine were a country, it would rank in the top 15 worst emitting nations in the world. Larger than Australia!"

I want to apologize to you in advance for image above. In the news I’m constantly subjected to a picture of you clasping hands with the corporate climate vandal, Gautam Adani who heads this project. The image that keeps coming to mind is the not the advertised one for the camera's, but the one above, as it more accurately portrays the where the power lies.

Fans of the movie know how this pairing ends, let’s hope you can find your inner Leia and kill this project off once and for all. May the force be with you.

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