Stop interfering in Iranian-Canadian Congress Democratic process

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Dear Annamie Paul, Leader of the Green Party of Canada

It has come to our attention that Mr. Dimitri Lascaris has recently circulated a letter referencing the Iranian-Canadian Congress and a legal action that was initiated by members of the ICC in reaction to systemic lack of transparency, accountability, and conflict of interest in the conduct of the current board of directors.

Although any interest and engagement in a Canadian public organization is welcome, perpetuating misinformation and false accusations is certainly uncalled for. Mr. Lascaris’ e-mail contains false accusations and misinformation about the applicants in the legal action of being affiliated with “far-right MEK” and individuals who collaborate with B’nai Brith etc….”

The worse, Mr. Lascaris has abused his position to influence among a group of his contacts and invited non-Iranian people to become members of Iranian-Canadian Congress, to vote in support of the current board and their interests.

Dimitri's audiences in this letter are non-Iranians who may not be duly informed of the dynamics of a diverse Iranian-Canadian community and as such, he has wrongly interfered with the democratic process of a court-ordered AGM that is the result of two years of relentless action by a large group of members of the Iranian-Canadian congress and community with the hopes of restoring civility and the rule of law in this organization.

We hereby ask that the Green Party respond to this immoral attempt to influence a community to interfere in the election and compel Mr. Lascaris to retract his slanderous comments, and immoral interfering in the election which we believe is an extremely offensive behavior about the Iranian-Canadian community.

As the membership process is ending on November 20, we trust that the Green Party will take urgent action to remedy the potential damage that Mr. Lascaris’ interference may cause. Such interference shall have negative affects on any support the Green Party of Canada may enjoy from the Iranian-Canadian community.