Anna Wintour please get committed to mental facility

Anna Wintour please get committed to mental facility

August 11, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Estela Suarez

Many have been looking for a solution to heal the grievances in the state of media today, for a way to eradicate hateful speech, misinformation and discrimination on the basis of race and class.

One of the first steps to alleviate this problem, which is affecting media consumers worldwide, is to first take into consideration the most infamous magazine and platform up to date: Vogue Magazine.

The magazine’s editor in chief, Anna Wintour, has admitted to refusing to promote non-white artists, spewing hatred towards minorities and promoting disturbing caricatures of black women in a way that can only be compared to the illustrations made to dehumanize Sarah Baartman.

Anna Wintour has proven herself mentally unfit to run a publication of such outreach and notoriety, and it has been a long time since her stability has been put to question regarding many of her past and more recent decisions.

For the hope of giving visual media a chance to heal beyond racist stereotypes, and the exploitation of minorities, it is imperative that she receives the medical care that she so desperately has been in need of. She refuses to retire from her position, which she has held for three and a half decades, so the next most sensible solution for the sake of consumers worldwide is for her to be admitted for mental and physical review.

Visual media is impactful on the psyche of all who consume it, many times done inadvertently since publications like these are widely promoted on every platform. The only way to escape the psychological damage of consuming harmful and racist images is to evaluate the psychological state of those who create them, and eradicate the violence straight from its source. Which is mental illness.


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Signatures: 117Next Goal: 200
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