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Treatment for Lyme’s Disease in the UK for free on the NHS

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Heidi Luckraft is a 40 year old female, in the later stages of Lyme’s disease and we are desperate for UK help, as we can’t find the money to continuously send her to Germany for the life saving treatment she so desperately needs.. 

Heidi’s story went viral in 2015 so can be found on google, but here goes;

Before Heidi was struck down with Lyme’s Disease, she Owned and Ran (then) Nottingham’s number one Children’s Entertainment Company, Dazzle Entertainment. Bringing so much joy to so many children’s faces; she played all different characters including Elsa, SuperGirl, Tinkerbell & many more - running and jumping around with the kids for 2 hours at a time and loving every minute, including a lot of charity work. Which is why we knew something was wrong straight away!

Heidi was bit by a tic on Wollaton Park in Nottingham whilst walking her dog 2012 when she arrived at the hospital and told them, they dismissed it! In fact, all medical personnel dismissed this information for Four years and even made her see a psychologist! Heidi was misdiagnosed with a whole host of Chronic Pain Conditions including; Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fitigue Syndrome. But Heidi and we all knew there was more to this. This nightmare carried on until Heidi happened to get bit by another Tic - went straight to the Hospital and the Junior Dr that examined her that day saw the bullseye mark - Heidi explained all that was happening and after a few blood tests and a Senior Dr double checked Lymes Disease was finally diagnosed.

Then the bad news “because we are now 4 years on, the NHS/UK do not treat Lyme’s Disease!”

We were all so gutted! By now Lyme’s was affecting Heidi’s major organs including her Heart and Brain; causes seizures and causing her to have cardiac arrest’s and heartbeats upto 170bpm at times..

We started raising money and found a clinic in Beverly Hills which would start with Stem Cell Treatment and also Stem Neuro Repair for the Brain just to start with - we were at £16,000 when Heidi was getting worse and worse - she was in talks with the Dr from America and we were doing everything possible to raise funds.. eventually the Dr suggested flying to Germany and meeting Heidi there in January 2016 as it was obv she would not be able to make the whole flight to USA without issues.

She felt so much better after being in Germany and even improved...

But the Lyme’s has now come back with avengence and spread to Heidi’s Lungs and Kidneys - causing her to have a battle just to breath. Also her Nerves from the Stem Neuro repair have over reacted causing Main nerves to over drive - mass histamine issues.
She has also become allergic of pretty much most food and drink items to the point she could have an anaphylactic shock from just about anything..

The clinic in Germany want her back over as their not happy with her latest blood work - we’ve managed to scape the funds together this time and she will fly out Sunday.. but I’m scared if this happens again..

I’m reaching out to you Anna Soubry & Dr Logan and praying you can and are willing to try and help get these treatments available - as they are throughout the rest of the world - into the UK/NHS... Just seems so unfair that because Heidi was misdiagnosed for over 4 years she’s now suffering so much and penilised money wise, etc. Too.

I am certain Heidi is not the only person out there in this position - This needs to change, how can we not treat a certain Disease in 2018??!! Seems crazy to me?!

Please help us and sign this petition. Thank you

NB: This is in no way slating or looking at the care from the NHS in a Negative way - we’d be lost without them. 



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