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Request Financial Accountability, Transparency in India Against Corruption

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Dear Friends,

IAC is a people’s movement led by Anna Hazare that has shaken the government and woken them up towards the deep malaise of corruption that has seeped into every layer of society across India.

The movement has been faltering in many ways since September 2011. One of the key reasons has been lack of transparency and accountability. IAC Volunteers from across the country are urging steps be taken to correct this and key decision making be shared with them.

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In the September 2011 meeting at Ralegan Siddhi, the Core Committee had appointed a 3 member sub-committee to oversee the finances of IAC and a new IAC organization would be registered in 3 months that would handle all funds and be overseen by Anna. Since September 2011:

1. This 3 member sub-committee has never met or seen the finances
2. No new organization was formed.
3. No details of expenses have been provided to Anna, the core-committee or put up on the website for the public. Only a summary audit exits, which has also not been posted online. 
4. Upon being asked, almost no core committee member had any knowledge of funds and expenses. 
5. The minutes of the above meeting state that all core committee members should declare their assets and the same should be put on website by 15th Oct. This has not been found on the website.

In addition,
- Rs 6 lakhs is being spent every month to employ 21 at PCRF, without approval
- PCRF activities that are not part of IAC are also being funded by IAC money, without approval

We ask Anna Hazare ji to listen to the voice of the volunteers from across the country and the people of India who have contributed to the movement, and insist that IAC shares all of the above at the earliest.

Information such as:
1. Who approves expenses,
2. What process or committee is overseeing this,
3. How many paid employees are there,
4. What are the different categories of expenses and their details also etc can be shared.
5. Why is the break-up of the large travel, conference and public meeting expenses?
6. All other relevant details

Our best wishes are with the movement, and we hope that the objective of a clean India is attained soon.

We hope Anna will respond to the voice of the people!

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