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No Classes on Fridays at UT Austin

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Students at the University of Texas at Austin are all hard working and dedicated students who balance their challenging classes with a number of different clubs and organizations. They exhaustingly strive to give their all to each and every obligation with little time for fun or rest. If UT got rid of all classes on Fridays, students would be able to catch up on sleep and be better rested for the school week which would increase their overall productivity. Students would also have more time to participate in non-academic activities which would allow for them to become more well-rounded people. Additionally, UT is a school that is built upon diversity which brings students from all around the country and even the world. These students are normally forced to skip a day or even two of classes, causing them to get behind on work, just to have enough time to visit their families during the school year. No classes on Fridays would allow for greater travel time for these students as well as create an overall less stressed and more productive student body.

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