Steam room for the ladies of St. John Health Zone in Tulsa Oklahoma

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In 2010 my Mother and i joined the St John Health Zone because of the lap pool for my mom and the steam room for me, to help with a neurological cough.  Of course we would also use the aerobic machines and weights, along with yoga.  I had called prior to joining to learn of the locker room amenities and was told a steam room and a sauna room.   But after i gave them my check for our memberships was told that the steam room was only in the mens locker room.  I have offered many suggestions over the years to no avail.  I love the facility and the people but resent paying the same membership cost with out equal amenities.  This petition is to get one of the following accomplished for all the women members.  Put back the original steam room in the ladies locker room, put a unisex steam room in a common area around the pools or change the cost of membership for the women to reflect the lack of equal amenities for the women.