Change the minimum spacing requirements for crib slats

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Currently, crib slat distance is mandated to be 2 and 3/8 inches.  This is too wide, as children are getting their limbs stuck.  Some children have ended up with broken bones and large bruises from the accidents.  My own 7 month old just recently got his leg stuck.  I called the manufacturer and the associate did not care.  So, I went to the next level. 

After speaking directly to the Consumer Protection Safety Commission, I was informed they see 7 to 10 complaints weekly, and yet nothing is being done.  They believe if they have smaller distances, then smaller limbs will get stuck.  In reality, smaller limbed children tend to be swaddled or not as active as their larger counterparts. As such, they would not be as likely to be stuck, and if they were, I don't believe it would be as often. 

I would like to see the distance be changed to 2 inches between slats.  I believe this would save a lot of injuries.  Please share with friends and family members.  Thank you!!