LOFT Needs to Keep Plus Sizes!

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Plus-sized women make up over half of the population in North America, yet we are severely under-represented when it comes to the fashion industry. Roughly 2% of clothing manufactured is targeted to plus-sized women, and most of that is only sold online.

In 2018, LOFT (part of Ann Inc. and the Ascena Retail Group) launched their first plus-sized collection. Outfits flew off the shelves (albeit virtual shelves as they chose not to carry plus sizes in stores) and many pieces quickly sold out. Now, just three short years later, LOFT has sadly announced that they will stop carrying plus sizes in 2021.

The ask of this petition is that LOFT reconsider this business decision. Plus-sized women WANT your clothing and we want to be able to buy it in your stores. The plus-sized fashion market is a multi-billion dollar industry and its growth is outpacing that of straight-sized fashion. It is a poor decision from a business, financial and reputational standpoint, and we ask that you reconsider.

This is not just a business issue. This is a social justice issue. The fashion industry is rooted in fatphobic beliefs. Plus-sized women deserve EQUAL representation in the fashion industry. We deserve well-made, high-quality, fashionable and affordable clothing. We deserve to be welcomed into retail environments. Whether or not you are plus-sized, we ask that you be an ally to our community by signing and sharing this petition.